Ask the Expert: What New Storage Ideas Have Improved the Mobile Workforce?

Jul 15, 2020 3:09:40 PM / by Florizel Hancox, Managing Director, Digilock posted in Personal Storage, electronic locks, workspace


Ten years ago when you went to your office, it was always your office. Now, as flexible work arrangements and telecommuting become more common, employees may find themselves spending a day in a pod that might not be theirs tomorrow. And while workers may enjoy this greater mobility, with it comes a new set of security challenges. Luckily electronic locking solutions are more than capable of rising to the task.

Take, for example, a scenario in which one employee occupies a desk from 9 to 5 and another takes over for the night shift from 5 to midnight. With a keyless electronic lock capable of assigning access, authorizations for each employee can be set independently, maximizing use of space and allowing for painless changeover.

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Support Workplace Wellbeing and Sustainability with End-of-Trip Facilities

Jul 2, 2020 1:35:02 PM / by Digilock posted in Personal Storage, workspace, Lockers


End of trip facilities (EOT) have become commonplace for commercial buildings in the city center of Australia and New Zealand, with many including bicycle storage as well as shower facilities, changing rooms, and lockers.

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Field Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Secure Patients, Healthcare Workers and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

May 6, 2020 2:22:05 PM / by Digilock posted in Security, Personal Storage, electronic locks, healthcare, hospitals, nursing manager


As hospitals and healthcare facilities work to flatten the curve of covid-19 patients, unused space such as parking lots and hotels are being utilized as makeshift hospitals. This creative solution to a lack of patient accommodation brings with it concern over supply security and patient privacy. Hospital supplies that are used to treat patients and keep healthcare workers protected are at a higher risk of theft, misplacement and multi-contact contamination. In recent news, New Orleans experienced a worst-case scenario when a public safety director of a local convention center was charged with stealing 80 N-95 masks, a piece of protective gear, while the center was being transformed into a pop-up hospital. Another incident of mask theft occurred in Reno, Nevada where hundreds of masks were stolen out of a medical cart by a hospital employee, showing the immense need of monitoring protective gear so that supplies can be shared across the hospital according to greatest risk.

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Digilock Launches a Health and Fitness Studio Lock Giveaway to Support Its Longtime Business Partnerships

Apr 17, 2020 12:00:00 AM / by Digilock posted in Personal Storage, gym locker locks, health and fitness, electronic locks


Health and fitness studios looking to use this downtime in business to make a big upgrade can enter for a chance to win over $17k worth of ultra-premium Digilock Axis keypad locks.

PETALUMA, April 17, 2020 — Digilock, the global leader in the design and manufacturing of high-performance electronic lock solutions, announced today they are giving away roughly $17,000 worth of ultra-premium Digilock Axis keypad locks to one health and fitness studio in the US (Florida, New York Excluded, Alaska, Hawaii Excluded). The winner will be chosen at random on April 30, 2020, and notified on or before May 5, 2020. Those interested can go to to submit their entry.

President and CEO of Digilock, Asil Gokcebay, said, “It all started when our sales team received calls from some of our health and fitness studio partners saying they wanted to use this downtime to upgrade their facility. It got me thinking, ‘What about our other partners who are suffering financially?’ I wanted to help.”

For 40 years, Digilock has worked alongside partners in the health and fitness industry. During these uncertain times, many of our health club friends are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to keep up with the competition by investing in upgrades. Digilock knows a small update can make a huge impact, which is why they are elevating the locker room experience for one health and fitness studio with a generous locking system giveaway.

The Prize

Digilock Axis electronic locks made to retrofit any current locking system.

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Package Lockers: Reduce Contact and Still Deliver.

Apr 10, 2020 10:25:08 AM / by Digilock posted in Package Lockers, Retail, Security, Personal Storage, Product Delivery


The retailer-consumer dynamic is rapidly changing as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 virus. In efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, regulations have been enforced on retailers that have had a devastating impact. However, there is hope for resolve as companies adapt by utilizing customizable, contactless package lockers for safe and efficient package pickup.

During this life-altering pandemic, friends, family, and loved ones take priority over time spent browsing in stores and standing in line to make a simple purchase with the ever-looming concern of exposure to viruses, germs, and bacteria. Now more than ever, retailers are following research to study what new ways culture will be shaped.  In a Sparks & Honey COVID-19 Briefing series, Hanna Jerome describes a Cultural Zeitgeist map, identifying the most used cultural signal is for 'extreme safety'. "There's a switch that has to happen and it has to happen fast with these new business models.” Businesses are being called on to meet easy, safe, and fast solutions for consumers. Courtney Emery, director of cultural strategy at Sparks & Honey, added, “We’ve been seeing a lot around the rise of contactless payments.”

Time-saving and limited-contact solutions are needed in the retail industry. Digilock® Director of Marketing, Molly Locke, states, “What we are seeing is a growing interest in planning for various retail realities. As large retailers like Amazon are limiting their deliveries to more essential items, we are working with retailers on creative and convenient ways of increasing safety for their customers. Retailers are looking ahead and planning for a mid-to-long-term solution that reduces contact and still delivers product.”

With 40 years securing personal storage, Digilock® has partnered with retailers to adapt to the ever-changing retail landscape today. Currently, Digilock® offers a customizable package delivery system that allows the consumer to purchase merchandise online and pick up their product either in-store or storefront in a convenient and safe PackageHold™ locker by Digilock®. Once the product is placed in the PackageHold™ locker, a notification is sent to the consumer with a QR code via text that they can hold up to the screen which opens the locker. Reducing contact, increasing safety.

The retail sectors that would immediately benefit from PackageHold™ are companies that fall under the “essentials” categories, such as hardware stores that are providing supplies for essential construction. However, in looking to the future, PackageHold™ is a viable option for all retail businesses looking for strategic ways to drive more traffic to store, with a seamless and customizable package delivery solution.  

To learn more about PackageHold™ by Digilock®, please click here. We’re here to help you with safe, sound, secure retail solutions.


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